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Vendors: Please take the time to look over this information before registering for the May 2016 All Arts Street Market.

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Eventbrite Site link (click here) Registration goes live on March 23rd at 0650 AM

The Eventbrite site table numbers correlate to those found in the catalog. Click on the thumbnail below for a better description:

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This will be a “crawl” type event. NoDa businesses are graciously hosting artists in a unified event that will range from the intersection of 36th and North Davidson all the way to Heist.
Online Registration will open March 23 at 12:01 AM. That information will be posted here.

This market is not a juried show and there is no application fee or selection process. However, we do require that THE ARTIST MUST BE PRESENT to sell their work. In order to fulfill our mission to promote original art in NoDa, we can allow NO RE-SALE. If it comes to our attention that this rule is in violation, we will ask you to leave the market and not refund your registration fee.

Due to the nature of the event, there are many variables, such as electricity, wifi, table size and availability etc. Most, but not all, locations have a table available – you may have to bring your own table. The catalog will specify. If you are particular about your table sizing, please bring your own table.

Registration Fees:
Vary. Please see the catalog.

If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible.  We want to fill every space and will refund your registration fees promptly.
A CANCELLATION FEE OF $10 will be charged for all cancellations, no exceptions, to cover our expenses.
We cannot offer refunds for any booth cancelled within 48-hours of the event. (Sorry, we are unable to transfer registrations from one event to another at a later date.)

Setup and Takedown:
Setup at 11AM. Takedown promptly at 6. You must be gone from your location by 7. For unloading and packing, you can park in front of the business,traffic permitting, with your hazards on. As you know, NoDa has varied parking. We’re working on a solution for artist parking.

Processing Sales:
Please plan to process all your own sales. Wifi and electricity vary depending on table. Please refer to the catalog and plan accordingly.


  • Please post photos of your work on our facebook page to create more buzz about your attendance at the market.
  • The more people aware of this event, the better experience for everyone, so help us get the word out and let us know how we can help!

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