NoDa Street Vending

All Arts Market is a well-planned and publicized event held monthly (roughly) at a private venue (Neighobrhood Theatre).  But the Street Scene of NoDa is open every art crawl weekend – the 1st and 3rd of each month. Please sign-up for the NoDaRioty newsletter (link is at the bottom right-hand corner of the home page) and find out when the next Street Vending workshop will be held, so you can get certified!

Do You Have NoDa Street Cred?

These rules are good in the ‘hood for 2012:

Keep it real (and original) – In order to support our local artists, re-sale is not allowed. Any merchandise being sold must be created by the artist. (See below for definition of Original Art.)

Legalize it* – Anyone selling merchandise must have a valid license from the City of Charlotte (Merchant Itinerant License or Peddler’s Permit). Licenses can be issued same-day at 700 N. Tryon Street.

Get it, got it, you know it’s good – Get your free NoDa Street Cred from a NoDaRioty Street Vending workshop (time and dates announced in the newsletter).

If you got it, flaunt it – NoDa Street Cred is non-transferable and must be prominently displayed at all times.

Know your place – Designated art spaces are ready and available. See NoDa Art Street Scene .

Know your space – Spaces cannot be combined, and individual spaces may not exceed 10 feet in width. This includes performance, display and retail space.

No dibs – NoDa Art Spaces are selected on a first come, first serve basis and cannot be reserved.

Slow your roll – Do not impede pedestrian traffic. Do not set up on any main sidewalk.

NoDa giveth, and NoDa can taketh away – If you can’t keep it real, Street Cred can be revoked.

* You are not required to have ANY type of license if you are performing or only displaying your work (this includes setting up an easel and painting). All other Street Cred rules apply. …BUT, if you are selling ANY merchandise (including prints, jewelry, CDs, stickers, etc.) then you are legally required to have a valid selling license from the City of Charlotte to street vend anywhere in Charlotte (including NoDa).

What is ORIGINAL artwork?

NoDa Street Cred does not seek to regulate or define the limits of creativity, but boundaries have been set to protect the integrity of NoDa’s art scene.

Al items sold on the streets of NoDa must be ORIGINAL art or craftsmanship.

  • Artist must be present: the vendor must be the creator/producer of the merchandise. Artist may appoint a representative, but that representative must have knowledge and experience with the production of the product, and the understanding is that proceeds will benefit the artist, not the representative.
  • No Re-Sale: Absolutely no store-bought and no “found” items are allowed.
  • Hand-Made vs. Hand-Assembled: Combining 2+ store-bought or “found” items is not considered original artwork unless one or more of the items have been creatively and uniquely altered by the artist.
  • For Example:
    • A purchased pendant on a purchased chain will not be allowed, but a purchased pendant that has been hand-painted or otherwise customized on a purchased chain is permissible.
    • Vintage clothing is not allowed, but clothing that has been reasonably transformed is permissible.
    • Any crafted item sold in mass-produced kits designed to produce repeatable and consistent results are not allowed.
    • Prints and other reproductions of the artist’s own paintings, photography, etc. is allowed.
  • Enforcement: An artist must demonstrate their merchandise is original before receiving Street Cred. If unoriginal items are found on a vendor’s display, the vendor may be asked to remove any unoriginal items from their display or their Street Cred may be revoked entirely. These decisions are the sole discretion of the Street Cred Panel.

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